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No one knows your car better than you do. You know the hum of the engine, the feel of the seats on a sticky summer’s day, the sensitivity of the pedals when making a turn down a dirt road. But what do you love most about your car?

Protect your car.

Hi-Tech window tinting can improve the exterior look of your car while protecting the interior from natural fading caused by UV rays. Window tinting can dramatically reduce heat and preserve the integrity of your car’s interior. It will also help you protect your small children’s eyes from the damaging UV rays.

In the long run, window tinting one of the least expensive and most popular investments you can make to protect your car from future repair costs. Window tinting can provide more than 99% UV protection.

However, amateur installation can lead to bubbling, separation of the film from the glass or ugly purple windows. Let Hi-Tech’s seasoned experts guide you through the process.

Protect your belongings.

Unfortunately, thieves can be lurking anywhere. Dark shades can limit the exterior visibility and protect your belongings, friends and family. Window tint can also strengthen your tempered windows by holding the pieces together in the event of breakage. You can also trust that your tinting products are backed with a lifetime warranty.

In case you are wondering what the Darkest Legal Tint is for your car or truck in Alabama is currently?
Give Hi-Tech Window Tinting at call 205-283-1829 and you can always check with the Department of Transportation to see what your current State of Alabama Tinting Laws are for your vehicle.

With more than 25 years in the business, our tinting experts can talk through your questions about legal tinting limits and more.

Protect your style.

Hi-Tech offers a wide range of tint colors and styles. You’ll never feel the need to sacrifice quality or your personal style because we will work with you to make sure your car looks exactly the way you want it.

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